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degrees, dropping to the 40s. we have a freeze watch friday night for parts of the area i'll snow you. bouncing back on saturday, though -- show you, bouncing back on saturday, our temperature 64 degrees. mentioned the freeze watch. this will begin late tomorrow night and run through saturday morning. it pretty much means the end of the growing season for the most part in these blue counties which does include loudoun county, montgomery and also howard county and many points to the north. we had a number of freeze warnings out in the valleys as well, but take your time tomorrow, you, can to bring in anything you don't want to lose because temperatures may even get down -- certainly down to 32 degrees in these areas and it does not include the district, fairfax and prince george's county, but there could be some upper 20s around tomorrow nature. it will be a cold night at the ballpark. take those layers for sure. today's temperature nice, 63 degrees. these are still below average, but with full sunshine and not a cloud to be found, wasn't it
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delightful? with those clear skies and no clouds and we dry air we're down to 39 degrees here in frederick, gaithersburg about 43, manassas 43 and the district still 52, but that's one of the exceptions because almost everybody else is definitely cooler. so it will be a chilly start in the morning and these are the overnight lows we're expecting to hit including some mid-30s even tonight and colder tomorrow night as yet a second frontal boundary looks like it will come through and keep us chilly as well. that's tonight. tomorrow night probably colder. we've got clear skies all over the area tonight. later there could be some high thin clouds that come in. frontal boundary to our north will swing through. once again we think this will come through dry, but there might be a little deck of clouds in the middle of the afternoon and the breeze will pick up a bit tomorrow afternoon, but it will settle down again tomorrow night. so tonight 47 degrees and the clouds that we get will come closer to dawn with some suburban areas dropping to the
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30s. tomorrow 66 degrees. the front comes through, picks up the wind in the afternoon out of the north, northwest 10 to 15 just for a few hours during the afternoon. i think it gets lighter going into the evening. so there's no rain in sight on this accuweather seven-day forecast, cool start tomorrow morning at 8:00. by noon 61 and by 5:00 65 degrees. as mentioned, your accuweather seven-day forecast, not only do we have a beautiful stretch of weather coming, but we begin to warm it up a little bit, sunday 71 degrees. on monday 74 and we do have a few showers expected possibly monday, but for the short term we have no rain in sight. that means a dry weekend. that will be pretty nice. >> take a picture of that with your phone. >> it will be real blurry. the redskins host the vikings sunday at fedex field, so this week lindsay murphy put two redskins to the challenge testing their none of minnesota in the latest edition of 4 down showdown. >> this is the 4 down showdown
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presented by your local nissan dealers. >> reporter: it is week six of the 4 down showdown and right now defense leads the offense 3- 1. representing the defense linebacker ryan kerrigan, representing the offense special teacher and wide receiver brandon banks. you can say your piece because -- special teams and wide receiver brandon banks. you can say your piece because the pressure interest on. >> should be another cakewalk for the defense. >> reporter: the 1st down question, the fastest answer that's right wins. what is the capital of minnesota? no. >> st. paul. >> reporter: st. paul it is. 1-0 defense. no pressure, brandon. 2nd down, the hubert h. humphrey metrodome used to be home to this other pro minnesota team. >> i said it first. >> reporter: cameraman, who do
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we give it to? we'll give it a tie. 2-1. 3rd down. this is not a nickname for minnesota, a, a land of 10,000 lakes, b, the bread and butter state, c, the north star state or d, they're all names. >> north star state. >> d. >> reporter: no and no. >> bread and butter state. >> reporter: no. >> the north star state? >> reporter: no. or d, all of the above. >> tv, all of the above. -- d, all of the above. >> the bread and butter state? >> reporter: yes. >> i've heard the 10,000 lakes one. >> reporter: that was a true process of elimination. >> i was a hockey fan, but whatever. >> reporter: we're tied 2-2. our 4th down question. this mall in bloomington minnesota has -- >> match america. >> that ain't fair. he needs to let you finish. >> reporter: i'm sorry. he knew it, though. >> he didn't even know what the question was. >> reporter: you won, 4-1 defense. >> glad to hold the standard
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over here. >> we'll come through next week. >> reporter: 4 down showdown is 4-1. defense is winning. see you next week. coming up tonight on the news edge. >> a battle of ads playing out at metro stations, the counter campaign sparked by these controversial posters next at 11:00. now your capital rundown with tom fitzgerald. >> we're back with your look of some of what's going on in the week ahead, your capital rundown for the week of october 15th, 2012. monday is a big day for virginia voters. it's the deadline for voter registration in the commonwealth. forms are available at the virginia take the board of elections web page. tuesday, october 16th, it's debate day and over at george washington university college democrats and republicans will be holding a joint watch party at the marvin center at 8 p.m. wednesday, october 17th at 10 a.m. the aspen institute is hosing a forum on the future of -- hosting a forum on the future of school reform and asks if
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educators are thinking big enough in remaking our schools. thursday, october 18th at the museum the story of douglas brinkley will screen and talk about a new documentary called first freedom, the fight for religious liberty. that starts at 7 p.m. and finally october 19th at 9 a.m. the national archives host says its 26th annual preservation conference, this year looking at how to save america's documents in an increasingly online world and that's your capital rundown for the week of october 15th, 2012. check out our website or contact us on twitter hashtag capital rundown. we'll see you next week. gecko (clearing throat) thank you, mr. speaker, uh, members of congress. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company, or most of you know it. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore..
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newcaster: breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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a lot ahead tonight, brian bolter now with your news edge. >> the vice president goes head to head with the man who wants to force him out of office and
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both candidates came ready for a fight, the debate turned fiesty at times, candidates interrupting each other laughing, eye rolling and under it all they tried to sell the american people on their positions on everything from afghanistan to abortion. fox 5's tom fitzgerald joins us now. this seemed to be a sharp contrast to president obama's performance in the first debate. >> it sure was, brian. everything that president obama was not last week was on display in joe biden's attacks tonight. biden interjected. he interrupted paul ryan several times appearing to knock the congressman off his message. you'll see this in this exchange we're about to show you. they're talking about republican proposals to cut spending while refusing to raise new revenue. the vice president saying that numbers do not add up and then jumping in as paul ryan tried to respond. >> it's not mathematically possible. >> it is mathematically possible. it's been done before. it's precisely what we're proposing. >> it has never been done.
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>> it's been done a couple of times. >> it has never been done before. >> ronald reagan and jack kennedy -- >> now you're jack kennedy. >> the vice president almost got dismissive when he tried to question the administration's business in afghanistan. >> at times joe biden used answers like marlakey over answers paul ryan gave. the romney/ryan ticket has been saying the united states has been pulling too many troops out of afghanistan leave doing small of force to defend itself in the eastern part of that country. now again here biden staying on the attack questioning ryan's understanding of the obama administration's policy to train afghan troops to take over the fight against the taliban. >> it's the most dangerous place in the world. >> that's why we don't want to send fewer --
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>> that's why we should send americans in to do the job. you'd rather americans >> no. we are already sending americans to do the job but fewer of them. >> that's right. we're sending in more afghans to do the job, afghans to do the job. >> you know, this post debate spin has already gone into high gear tonight. republicans sending out dozens of e-mails to reporters tonight questioning the vice president's facts of what they say are distortions of. in turn democrats are also spinning this saying that paul ryan could simply not explain in their words the policies on which he and mitt romney are campaigning on in order to get elected. >> tom fitzgerald tonight. so who did the better job connecting with americans tonight? depends who you ask. we're getting reaction from both sides this evening. republican strategist jack burkeman and democratic strategist brendan daley. brendan, i'll start with you, we get instant reactions oftentimes in the world of
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social media and while immediately after the presidential debate it appeared mitt romney was the winner. looks like biden took this one. why do you think he did so well? >> i think he was aggressive. that's what democratic voters wanted to see from the president last week, but tonight the vice president was very aggressive and went after paul ryan particularly when ryan made statements he couldn't back up whether on the budget, medicare, afghanistan. the vice president was very aggressive in refuting that and i think that's what voters wanted to see. >> jack, i want to ask you were the optics something paul ryan could not overcome? i saw a lot of references to looked like a father and a son, the elder and the person learning from the elder. it just seemed like the optics were real tough for ryan. >> i may be in the minority. i think paul ryan did quite well. my overall response is joe biden who has never been known as the brightest turnip in the
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field, many democrats say that, i think he had a stronger substantive performance, but i think he marred it enormously with all of this talking over ryan and interjecting and this very condescending laugh he did a dozen times or more. the american people aren't fools. i think they'll look at this and see a man who is very rude. the other thing is i think ryan made his points very well. one of the things that's haunting this campaign and i think it's finally catching up with obama and biden as you look at the numbers is fundamentally they don't have anything to run on. >> that's not true. >> the only pitch is it could be worse if we didn't waste the 3 trillion. my point is the only thing they can do is go negative. you saw that tonight with biden. he has no real platform of his own. the only thing he can do is attack ryan. >> that's just not true, jack. >> that's rather strange because he's the incumbent. >> that's not true. paul ryan said that several times tonight, but look, things are better than four years ago. we were falling off a cliff economically.
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yes, things aren't going as well as we wanted, but things have gotten better. unemployment is under 8%. now the republicans won't believe that. oh, those numbers are cooked they say. they can't tell the truth. >> last question for both of you, 15th 2nd each. does it really matter -- 15 seconds each. does it really matter? there was a lot of interest in the presidential debate, not a lot this time around and it seems to be dropping? >> i think there were a lot of disspiritted democrats after last week and now near on board feeling much better. >> from a television point of view, you were competing with major sport tonight which hurt the visibility overall of the debates, but i think this will be a rare election cycle where the debates are very decisive. the first one a clear victory for the republicans, this one a draw. i think it's maybe pay slight win for paul ryan and we'll see on the other -- a slight win for paul ryan and we'll see on the other two. the debate season far from over, two more presidential debates remaining, the next one
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tuesday at hofstra university in new york and the final one october 22nd at lynn university in florida. the next two debates will be shown live on fox 5. there's some natitude in the air tonight. the nationals have kept their season alive at least one more day thanks to some 9th inning magic. sport director scott smith joins us now. >> with one giant swing the momentum has now swung in favor of the home team in in series back against the wall in the series and the game, jayson werth at the plate in the bottom of the 9th tied 1-1 climbing out of an 0-2 count, 13th pitch of the at bat, turn off the lights, let's go home. a walkoff home run, werth delivers when it mattered most. the nats even the series and storm the field, the sellout crowd going nuts and the hero leaping into the crowd waiting for him at home plate. 2-1 the final. they live to play another day, werth sharing the moment with
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the family after this one. >> we faced them a lot over september and the series. i think he threw a hook 2-2 to get the 3-2. i figure from now i wasn't getting the hitter. finally got one to hit. >> that's jason. he grinds it out whether he's healthy or hurt. he's a leader and has taught us a lot. >> game five tomorrow night at nationals park, winner take all, 8:37 late start. gio gonzalez squares off against adam wainwright. a muslim civil liberties and advocacy group fires back at a controversial advertisement. the council on islamic american relations says they're planning on putting ads up in metro stations in response to the anti-jihad ads last week. this week a judge ruled metro had to permit the ads. some muslim americans see them as an attack on islam. care will announce their advertising campaign tomorrow.
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in montgomery county a 4- year-old boy in serious condition but alive after falling out of a ninth floor apartment window at the park montgomery complex in silver spring. police say a window screen gave way and the young boy fell 90 feet to the ground. fortunately a tree broke his fall. the 4-year-old was rushed to a local trauma center with serious injuries. he was conscious and talking in the ambulance. the montgomery county family crimes investigators are trying to figure out what happened. a warning for students at university of maryland, three students robbed last night, one after the other. tonight police have pictures they want you to see. fox 5's will thomas has details now. >> about an hour police say an armed man prowled near the campus picking out students to target and rob. the suspect caught on camera approaching another person. you see the photo here. the first incident was about 7:30 last night. a man robbed a male student at gunpoint on baltimore avenue. the victim had to go to the hospital, but is he expected to
11:49 pm
be okay. for an hour it was all quiet. then the guy again tried to rob another student, also on baltimore avenue. he wasn't successful this time, so then moved to a female student just minutes later. fortunately she is okay as well. investigators need your help trying to figure out who that guy is. prince george's county police are asking anyone who might have information to please come forward. coming up a strew silver lining, how a woman's battle -- true silver lining, how a woman's battle with breast cancer helped save her husband's life. >> tomorrow the 8:37 start and very cold air moving in. you'll need layers. we'll talk in detail about the forecast and show you what the weekend is shaping up like when the news edge continues. >> check out the rundown. we're back. . >> fox 5 news edge at 11:00. lett me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs
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when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training
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takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. the nationwide meningitis outbreak linked to tainted steroid shots is spreading, will thomas back with your fox 5 top five. >> as you know, people are getting sick across the country. idaho has become the 11th state to diagnose a patient with meningitis. known 5 tonight, the number of infect -- no. 5 tonight, the number of infected has jumped to at least 170 up from 137 just yesterday. at least 14 people have now
11:53 pm
died. the contaminated shots came from a new england pharmaceutical company. the fda is looking into what happened. no. 4, it is nearly flu season and doctors say flu shots offer more benefits than risks for pregnant women. they say the vaccine not only protects the mother, but it helps protect the baby, too. the mother passes her immunity to the baby protecting the child for about six months. no. 3 wendy's is giving its girl a brand-new look. for the first time in nearly 30 years the fast food chain is changing up its iconic logo, the updated image featuring the pigtailed gal, but her name is written in flashy letters, but the food not changing. the square burgers stay put. known works you may soon have to -- no. 2, you may soon have to take an internet sales tax. most online retailers don't enforce the charge, but when shoppers buy online, they're supposed to pay sales tax to their homestate. finance experts say states will
11:54 pm
start cracking down on these internet sales taxes in the coming years. no. 1, it will cost you a little more to mail a letter come next year. the u.s. postal service is raising its rates on january 27th. the price of a stamp goes up a penny to 46 cents. shipping prices will go up as well. that is your fox 5 top five. i can almost see the weekend from here. how's it looking? >> it's going to be a really nice weekend, brian, a little cooler saturday, warmer sunday with maybe a few more clouds, but it's going to be worth it and a very nice one. we've got chilly temperatures tonight, already some spots dropping into the 30s. we wanted to show you this beautiful picture here. the leaves are really changing, especially on capitol hill. as a result of shorter daylight and these nice cool nights, beautiful color coming on and this would be a great weekend to head out to skyline drive and enjoy the foliage which is peaking out as we speak, nice
11:55 pm
beautiful picture there. thank you so much for sending it in. how about tomorrow night? we've got game five coming up for the nats and cardinals at 8:37 and wanted to show you the forecast again because we do expect it to be pretty chilly with the first pitch temperature about 51 degrees, falling to about 46 degrees by 11:00 or so if they go into extra innings, even cooler. make sure you layer up because it will definitely be a chilly one. speaking of chilly, a freeze watch has been issued for tomorrow night. give you an extra heads up to make sure you bring in your sensitive plants. lows around freezing, if not the upper 20s in some of the colder spots including loudoun county, montgomery county and into howard county as well as many points north and far to the west. it does not include the district, fairfax or prince george's county just yet, but if you've been keeping your house plants outside or have any tomatoes to save, it may be the end of the growing season tomorrow night in those counties if the forecast pans out the way we think it will.
11:56 pm
kind of chilly tonight. the district is 53 degrees. that's a little warmer than it was just a bit ago, but 39 already in frederick, 43 for gaithersburg, dulles 43, winchester 46 degrees. it will be kind of chilly as well tonight. later tonight could be a little desk high thin clouds that comes across and tomorrow during the early afternoon we have a frontal boundary that will move on through. this one again is also going to come through on the dry side and after it goes through we'll be back to sunshine to finish the day, but a little breeze picking up as high pressure starts building in from the north. into the weekend we go, the high pressure will keep our temperatures in the 60s saturday. it shifts a little to the east, though, on saturday, but a good day, a sparkle early as the high continues moving, it will allow warmer air in here for the second half of the weekend. sunday we have a warm front and will bring temperatures to the low 70s. as this warmer air comes
11:57 pm
through, we may get a few clouds and another front will start moving across the area monday. that could bring us a couple showers. your within forecast looks like this, another nice fall day. two in a row and even sunday looking good, warmer with a few more clouds and that temperature of 71 degrees. let's go ahead and show you that fox 5 accuweather seven- day forecast because we definitely have some good temperatures on it. not only will you see tomorrow's temperature with a lot of sunshine getting up to about 64 degrees, again that cold night tomorrow night, at least to 42, probably colder than that in many spots because of the freeze fry's. the freeze watch is up. saturday about 64 degrees. we talked about the weekend. next chance for some showers looks like it would be monday at 74 degrees, tuesday and wednesday right now thinking the days will average close to 70 degrees and maybe another chance for showers thursday. a lot of buzz about jason whether tonight and that fabulous performance by the nats. legalities send it over to scott smith for a recap.
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>> this is the verizon sports desk with scott smith. >> there were plenty of jayson werth critics when he signed with the nats last year. you don't sign a $126 million deal, hit .232 your first year and not get a little criticism, but nobody is thinking about that now. i guess you could say the team casualed in this evening. game four must -- cashed in this evening, game four first win against the cardinals. adam laroche deposits this pitch over the wall in center field onto the grass, both hits in the series solo shots. nats up 1-0. ross detwiler went six innings, allowed one run, fantastic performance. 7th inning jordan zimmerman strikes out and we're tied 1-1. 8th inning tyler clippard, strikes out at eight. pitches a scoreless 9th.
11:59 pm
bottom of the 9th nats leadoff batter, jayson werth, 13th pitch at bat sends the fans home happy with a game winning a half. nats enthe cardinals 2-1 and force a fifth -- edge the cardinals 2-1 and force a fifth and deciding game tomorrow. >> reporter: the nats did everything right tonight, a solid start from ross detwiler, lights out performance from the bullpen and a clutch hit from a postseason jayson werth. it spelled another victory and another night of post season baseball. >> that's a really tough team to face and for ross to go out there in a huge game, win or go home game, and he stepped up and was the guy and that's exciting and something for us to build off of. >> it was the most fun game i've ever been a part of, unbelievable at bat by jw right there, great pitching performance by ross. everybody did their job. we scrapped our way to a victory. >> can't write it up any better than that.

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